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Available Adoptable Dogs

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The Adoption Process


Important Info

Below is a list of our available dogs for adoption. We review each application on a case by case basis and select the home we think would be the best fit for each dog and family. We do our best to update our listings daily but can not guarantee that each dog does not have a pending adoption. The best thing to do is submit your application and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Dogs in Foster Homes

All our dogs are in foster homes, so when your application is approved you will be meeting with the foster family since we do not host adoption events.  We believe adoption events are stressful for the dogs and we want to make sure it’s a good match for all involved.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are generally between $300- $800 but are subject to change.

All dogs and puppies are up-to-date with current vaccinations, spayed/neutered and electronically microchipped before they are adopted to make sure they can always find their way home.

How To Apply

Click the button below to fill out an application online.

Make sure you can complete it all in one sitting, there is no save and continue later option.

In order to make sure your application is processed quickly, double-check to make sure everything is filled out, and there are no errors.

Dogs Available For Adoption

Click on the image of the dog you are interested in for more information.

Do you adopt out of state?

We do not usually adopt out of state, but that are special circumstances we may wave this rule, but rarely.  


How long is the adoption process?

Once we received your application we will be in touch within 2-7 days.  Once the application is approved we will have the foster families set up a meet and greet with each of the approved adoptive families within 48-72 hours.

Can we adopt two puppies from the same litter?

We do not adopt two puppies from the same litter due to "Sibling Syndrome"  This is when the pups become too dependent on each other to function on a normal social level, or the opposite can occur and one can become aggressive over the other as time goes on.  Two younger dogs can be adopted together if looking for doggy friends, just not from the same litter.

What are your adoption fees?

Adoption fees are generally between $300- $800 but are subject to change.

All dogs and puppies are up-to-date with current vaccinations, spayed/neutered and electronically microchipped to make sure they always find their way home.

Can we put a dog on hold?

Since we are 100% foster-based we do not have the resources to hang on to puppies longer than necessary.  Because of this, we do not hold puppies for families if they are going out of town or can't find time to do a meet and greet.  We can "reserve" a pup for 48-72 hours for a scheduled meet and greet, but not longer than that.

Do you do adoption trials?

We do not do adoption trials because it puts too much stress on the pup to be shuffled around.  If you are bringing a pup home we are expecting it is because you are sure you are ready to work with the pup and make a true member of the family.

Do you give adoption fee discounts and where does the adoption fee go?

Our adoption fee goes helping us rescue more dogs.  Many people ask us for the bills for their dogs so they know they got their "money's worth".  Each dog varies with how much we pay for it.  Some dogs we spend $200 on, and others who come in with heartworm, broken bones, viruses, can cost us $2,000.  Our adoption fee is how we even out the vet bills and continue to save the ones who have higher vet bills and need rescue the most.  Because of this, we do not have the capability to give discounts since all the adoption fees help us save more dogs.  

Not able to adopt?

If you are not currently able to adopt but still want to help, please consider sponsoring an adoptable or hospice care pet. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and will help cover the rescue’s animals’ medical costs, supplies, and maybe even his or her adoption fee! Learn about Brighter Day’s Hospice Dogs here.