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We are a Boulder, Colorado based non-profit organization rescuing dogs who are sick, abused, neglected, or in danger of euthanasia.

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Application for Canine Guardianship

Thank you for wanting to adopt a rescued dog! There are so many wonderful dogs in need of loving, committed homes and you are literally saving a life when you adopt!

Please read and understand our policies on how we place dogs before applying to adopt from Brighter Days Dog Rescue.

Adoption Process

Brighter Days Dog Rescue works very hard to make perfect matches between families and rescue dogs. This application is the first step in that process. After we receive your completed application.

We do not adopt our dogs on a first-come, first-served basis. Each application is carefully considered to create a match that best suits the dog’s physical and emotional needs with the applicant’s home. So the more thorough you are with your answers, the more likely we are to consider you as a potential home.

The adoption process can take up to two weeks. Please notify us if during the application process you decide to look elsewhere for a dog. BDDR spends on average 10 to 15 hours of volunteer time to process your application. Please note here any time constraints you have regarding your application process.

Adoption Fee

Brighter Days Dog Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to save dogs in need and find them exceptional forever homes. We expend whatever funds necessary to provide veterinary care to bring the dogs back to healthy and happy, and our adoption fee covers only a portion of the costs in that journey from shelter dog to Brighter Days. Adoption fees range from $300 to $800 but is subject to change. 

Behavioral Evaluations

Our dogs are evaluated to the best abilities of our vets and volunteers, but please be aware that you are bringing in a rescued dog and that there is an adjustment period of up to six months for a dog to feel stable in his/her new home.

Before adopting a dog, you must be fully committed to the training, energy, and love that it will take for your dog to settle in to your home. We will work very hard with you to make the best match and to create a successful bond from the start.

Five out of seven dogs are re-homed in their lifetime. Brighter Days Dog Rescue wants to change this model for the lucky few we save, finding LOVING, COMMITTED FOREVER HOMES

We do not own dogs, we are their “guardians” for life.

Put N/A if this is not applicable
Put N/A if this is not applicable
Put N/A if this is not applicable
Put N/A if this is not applicable
Include: Name / Species / Breed / Age / Gender / Spayed or Neutered / Temperament / Residing with you

NOTE: BDDR is very cautious placing dogs in homes with children age 7 and under. So if you decide to submit this application and have young children in your home, please understand it may increase the processing time of your application, AND once approved, we only place dogs who have a successful history living with children. As a result of our careful process, your wait may be several months before we find a suitable dog to be placed in your home.

In addition, BDDR does not typically adopt to applicants under the age of 22. If you feel you can offer the type of exceptionally stable and responsible home that we look for and are under the age of 22, you may email the board for an exception at

Is everyone in the household on board with adopting a new dog?

Please note each person’s level of commitment to the new dog using the following scale:

- 0 indicates “I don’t want a new dog in the house”
- 1 indicates “I will be ok with having a new dog in the house but do not intend to be responsible for his care”
- 5 indicates “I am excited about adding a new dog to the home and look forward to being responsible for his happiness, training, and wellbeing.”

EXAMPLE: Amy - 5 George - 5 Tina - 3

Lifestyle & Environment

The following questions are to help us get an idea of what dog would be a great fit for you. There are no right or wrong answers, so please be as honest and accurate as possible.

Brighter Days Dog Rescue rescues dogs of indeterminate origin from shelters, individuals, and organizations throughout the United States. While many of our dogs look like purebred or nearly purebred, and we guess as to what breeds they may be, we do not make any guarantees as to their breeding or that their temperament will resemble that of the breed they look most like.


We highly recommend researching dog foods and their ingredients at and

Training & Behavior

The first few months upon adopting tend to be the most difficult. Your new dog has been through many transitions, and your home is just one more transition in his mind. Behaviors we hadn’t seen can crop up, or behaviors we saw can be amplified during the transition period.

Working through these issues can be challenging and time-consuming, and so please be as clear and honest as possible so we can help you get as close to the right fit as possible. Please note that dogs have the emotional capacity of a 3-4 year old child.

Please consider the following scenarios:

Background & Process

Please notify us if during the application process you decide to look elsewhere for a dog. BDDR spends on average 10 to 15 hours of volunteer time to process your application. Please note here any time constraints you have regarding your application process.
Please note that while we try to honor your interest in a particular available dog, there might be other applications for him being processed or he might not be the ideal match for your home. Also, BDDR is most concerned with making correct fits between dogs and adopters, so if your application is approved we may suggest a different dog for you than the one you list.


Please provide a veterinary reference. If this is a reference from a past pet, that’s fine.

Personal References

Please list three personal references (not a relative or household member), whom you have known for at least three years, who can vouch for your character as a pet owner. Give name, address, phone, and email.

Reference #1

Reference #2

Reference #3

The full Brighter Days Dog adoption screening process includes a phone conversation, a reference check, and pictures of your home before placing a dog in your home

I understand and agree to the need for screening of adopters. I certify that the information supplied on this application is true and correct.

The terms “guardian” and “owner” shall be considered interchangeable.