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Canine Adoption Contract

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I understand that the BDDR adoption fees include the following: Spay or Neuter; microchip; age appropriate vaccinations up until adoption (no rabies for puppies less than 4 months old); deworming; HW test for dogs over 9MO; and continued support from our staff.

I understand that there may be a period of adjustment, especially with mother dogs who have already been abandoned, neglected, uprooted and experienced significant change. I understand that I can call my adoption representative to receive advice and guidance following the adoption.

I agree that if at any time my situation changes and I can no longer keep my rescue dog, that I will return the dog to BDDR, but a refund will NOT be issued. I understand that I will also need to bring the dog back to the BDDR foster that BDDR has found to take the dog in, and they will NOT come get it. In agreeing to exclusively surrender the dog to BDDR, I promise not to attempt to rehome my dog using social networking sites, Craigslist, or any other pet advertisement service. This includes rehoming to friends and family. I understand that I will give BDDR 72 hours from the time contacted about relinquishing my animal so they can find an appropriate foster home. I understand that if I do not give the dog back to Brighter Days and I give/sell/relinquish it to someone else (including shelters) that I will be charged a $1,000 fine.

I understand that these dogs originated in high kill shelters where contagious disease is prevalent and that while BDDR has taken every necessary precaution to ensure the health of the dog, a large portion of their medical history remains unknown.

I understand listed breeds are an estimation based on physical characteristics, but are not guaranteed.

I understand that I am 100% responsible for all veterinary costs from the date of adoption, and that BDDR has made every effort to ensure my companion’s health before adoption with full vetting and vaccinations. I understand that BDDR is not responsible for the veterinary costs of my adopted animal(s), but that I can contact the rescue via email for help and guidance at any time.

If I am adopting a bonded pair I will NOT separate them no matter the circumstances.

As a responsible adopter, I agree to do the following: attach a current identification tag to a collar properly fitted on my companion at all times; obtain any required licensing from local authorities; have my companion vaccinated annually and treated immediately for any illness/injuries; provide my companion with clean water, healthy food, shelter in a loving, humane home, and will not leave him/her unattended for extended periods. I understand and agree to house my companion indoors, especially during inclement weather, and not allow him/her to run unsupervised. I agree to never leave my dog alone in a vehicle when it is above 70 degrees or below 40 degrees outdoors. I agree to use positive reinforcement training, seeking professional assistance when necessary. I understand that if I return the animal to BDDR due to behavioral issues and have not sought any training or socialization I will have to pay for a training course (chosen by BDDR) once back in BDDR’s care, so they can properly adopt the dog out again. I promise to never physically harm the dog.

I understand that if I am adopting a puppy under nine months old I will do professional training classes with a balanced training specialist, and send BDDR the proof within 3 months of adopting the dog. (BDDR has trainer recommendations if needed).

If mandatory training has been discussed due to a known behavioral issue, I will continue the training through BDDR’S partnered trainer. If for any reason I fail to continue training, Brighter Days has the right to reclaim the dog.

I have received my pet’s vaccination/medical history and understand that additional vetting may be necessary, especially for puppies.

I have received my pet’s vaccination/medical history and understand that additional vetting may be necessary, especially for puppies.

I have received a copy of the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s rabies prevention brochure, available here:

Spay/Neuter Contract: By initialing the box below you agree that you understand. Each item represents a binding contract.

I adopted a dog that has already been spayed or neutered. ONLY SIGN IF DOG IS ALREADY FIXED

I understand that if puppies under six months of age are adopted unaltered, a deposit of $200 is required to secure that the dog is spayed or neutered Within 90 days of the adoption

I understand that $50 of this deposit is a state-required spay/neuter deposit, which will go into the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund if the pet is unaltered.

I understand that $150 of this deposit is a BDDR administrative fee that will be used to reclaim the dog in the event that it is unaltered. BDDR retains ownership rights to the dog until proof of spay or neuter is submitted to BDDR.

I understand that I will not be charged the $200 unless the dog is unaltered beyond the 90 days after adoption, or within one month of adoption for adult dogs.

I understand that I will receive one notifications to the phone number and email addresses provided, requesting proof of spay or neuter prior to cashing the deposit funds, and that it is my responsibility to respond to those requests to avoid being charged.

I understand that spay/neuter deposit checks will not be cashed unless BDDR does not received the proof of spay or neuter within 90 days of adoption or within one months of adoption for adult dogs, and that it is my responsibility to provide proof of the spay/neuter to the rescue in a timely matter. BDDR Rescue will make every attempt to contact adopters before deposit checks are cashed; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that all spay/neuter paperwork is submitted.

I understand that deposit checks will not be refunded if they are cashed due to a failure to communicate.

I understand that the spay/neuter deposit is an addition to the adoption fee. We do not refund a portion of the adoption fee once proof of spay or neuter has been received.

I understand that the spay/neuter procedure is only covered by the adoption fee if the dog is spayed/neutered at our partner vet, and that it is my responsibility to schedule the appointment.

I agree that any failure in the aforementioned items constitutes a breach of contract. In the event of any breach, I agree to relinquish the adopted animal immediately to BDDR Rescue, I understand that no money will be returned to me.

Electronic Signature Disclaimers: By initialing each box you agree that you understand. Each item represents a binding contract.

I agree to hold BDDR Rescue free from any and all liabilities arising from this animal. I agree to assume all responsibility for the defenses of any action that may arise as a result of my ownership.

I agree to pay any and all costs necessary to enforce this contract, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees and all cost of litigation.

Clear Signature

I understand that BDDR has the right to reclaim the dog if payment is returned due to insufficient funds or fails to be authorized by the bank.

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