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Support our Mission

How to Donate

Though adoption fees go a long way, we rely heavily on donations and assistance from our sponsors.

Any donation, big or small goes directly to saving a life.

The more funding we have, the more pups we can help!

Join us in saving lives and donate today!


Donate to our general fund that will go towards any and all of the expenses we have running a dog rescue.


Having regular monthly donors allows us to have a steady stream of funds for dogs in need. The amount is up to you! Even $5 a month helps.


Our hospice pups are where our hearts lie, however their expenses add up quickly! Each month they need food, potty pads, grooming, etc. Not to mention since they are hospice they do rack up a good amount of medical bills from check ups to surgeries to make sure they are as comfortable and healthy as possible. Meet our hospice dogs here!


More than 75% of our dogs come from out of state. While we do have many wonderful volunteers who help us drive/fly dogs to Colorado from other states and donate their time, it still costs on average $30 per dog just to transport them to CO. This covers the gas for our volunteers, rental van (if it’s a larger transport) crates, potty pads, slip leads, etc. If you would like to help sponsor a dog to make their way to Colorado for their second chance at a forever family, we would be beyond grateful. We will send you a picture and information on the dog whose life would not be saved without you.

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Running a rescue is a team effort! We have regular needs like food, treats, dog treats, etc, in order to take the best care of the dogs in our rescue. Please consider supporting us by shopping our Amazon wish list!