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Brighter Days Dog Rescue

We are a Boulder, Colorado based non-profit organization rescuing dogs who are sick, abused, neglected, or in danger of euthanasia.

Brighter Days Dog Rescue

Non-Profit Colorado Dog Rescue

Meet Our Hospice Foster Dogs


Here are Brighter Days we love our hospice program. We try to take in as many hospice dogs as we have funds and fosters for. So many people dump their older dogs at shelters when the vet bills get too high, or the medical care gets to be too much. We truly feel no dog should die alone in a shelter. We have the ability to make these senior dogs feel loved and at peace for however long they have left.

Mr Rodgers

Mr. Rodgers is a tiny blind poodle found in the worst possible shape, roaming the streets of TX. How he was still alive was beyond us. He was picked up by animal control and nobody ever came for him…clearly someone didn’t want him and dumped him on the side of the road.

Our wonderful rescue partner in TX got him out of the scary, loud shelter where he had no idea what was going on.

He was then transported to Brighter Days once it was determined he was strong enough to make the trip.

Mr. Rodgers has now landed in the loving arms of his hospice foster. He is clearly very old and not in the best shape. He had a dental yesterday because he couldn’t even eat without immense pain. Our job is to keep him comfortable, happy, and loved for however long he as left. He is so loving and just wants to snuggle in his favorite blanket with his foster momma.

We rely 100% on donations for dogs like Mr. Rodgers. Their vet bills are usually incredibly high. Any donations for Mr. Rodgers and all of his vetting are very appreciated. So far his vet bills are over $4,000 and will continue to rise as we make sure he is as healthy as possible.

Meet Sweetie

Sweet (FKA Ms Pretty) came to us from a hoarding case in New Mexico. All of the dogs were seniors except one. Sweetie was deemed a hospice with her heart and health issues going on.

Because she is in heart failure we have her on the best meds and are keeping her as comfortable as possible until her time with us comes to an end. She’s now living the good life with her hospice foster brother Mr Rodgers (above) and a crew of foster siblings in the Colorado mountains!

We rely 100% on donations for dogs likeSweetie. Their vet bills are usually incredibly high. Any donations for Sweetie and all of her vetting are very appreciated. 

Rainbow bridge hospice dogs


Rosie was a tiny toy poodle who was deaf and blind with mobility issues. She was found as a stray in New Mexico, roaming the streets with a bum leg.

Once Rosie arrived in Colorado she was scooped up into the arms of her forever foster momma to live out her best days in the Colorado mountains with her fellow dog and cat siblings.

She was a woman full of opinions, attached to her foster mom 24/7, and never met a bite of food she didn’t like.

Unfortunately. Rosie passed away from bone cancer on June 30, 2020 after 2.5 years spent living her best life in foster care. Her mom misses her dearly and thanks everyone who donated to her care.


Ruthie came to Brighter Days because her owners knew she was older and did not want to be burdened with the medical expenses of an older dog.

When Ruthie got to Brighter Days she had a big lump on her chest.  We took her to the vet to find out that she had aggressive cancer that had spread.

Ruthie was loved on by her foster family for a couple of weeks until her little body couldn’t do it anymore.  She was so loved and surrounded by her foster family when it was time  for her to cross the rainbow bridge.


Emma was 17 when she was dumped in a shelter. She was dumped because her owner passed away and the family didn’t want to care for an elderly dog.

We felt the shelter was no place for a sweet little dog to take her last breath. One of our wonderful fosters here stepped up. She spent the week curled up in her fosters mom’s lap literally 24-7 and crossed the rainbow bridge at home in her sleep. She was so sweet and so loved and comfortable when her time came.


Sweet Gracie was left at a shelter in Denver City, Texas because her owners were unable to care for her in her old age. We knew that a shelter was no place for a dog as sick as Gracie so we got her to Colorado as soon as we could. Unfortunately Gracie’s conditioned continued to worsen. She enjoyed one last full week of life in the Colorado mountains before she passed away peacefully in her foster mom’s arms.


Josie came to us at age 16 because her owner had 9 dogs and was too sick to care for them anymore. Josie made her way to CO and was with Brighter Days for about 7 months before she stopped eating and just really made it clear to her foster Momma that is was her time.

Her favorite thing was to wander around the back yard and smell all the flowers. She couldn’t really see or hear and just loved the fresh air. Saying goodbye to Ms. Josie was so hard, but she was so loved and so happy her 7 months here, we couldn’t have asked for anything more.